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Boris de Fauconval (opening deposit)

Guy & Marie-Pia de Fauconval Fam. Kimura & friends in Japan Dominique Noel
Geoffrey Hamburg Fam. Catherine de Fauconval Michel Straet
J.Claude & Monique van Havre Jean-Pierre & Quentin Gaillard Ira Rosen
Sabrina De Deurwaerder Leon & Therese Gilliot Alain Ernotte
Fam. Frederic de Fauconval Paul Dechamps Michel Orain
Yvette Kherlakian Georges & Fabienne Engel France Gillet
Fam. Gilles de Fauconval Maya Challet Sarah Imbert
Monika Waeyenberge & friends Fam. Patrick du Bois de Bounam Edmond van Jean
Pascal Chapon Patrice Defreine Catherine Le Roy
Marie-Dominique Kervyn-Gilliot Fam. Hugonnet & Smith Annie Bellaiche
Fam. Ney / As.sam Brigitte de Stexhe Mr. & Mrs. Jean Millot
Rozemarijn & Irene Rustighini David Molloy Kyoto Saga University of Art
Luc & Fabienne Bertrand Corinne van Havre Marie Hublet-Pourbaix
Fam. Hengrave

Rosemary & Robert Heath

Miguel, Cedric & Pierre Martins Simoes
Ines & Hugues-Henri Pinte Alison Isobel Spence Marguerite Montens
Brigitte de Fauconval
Carolyn Russell & Bert Davis
Henri Camou
Lisbet Brook & friends
Guy Boudic / Famille Boucher / A.P.R.C Benjamine Zoll & Alain Gillet
Frieda Buyse
Antoine de Fauconval
Andreas Rath & friends
Janine Mayer Christine Schyns
Thierry Beauvois
Brigitte Braun de ter Meeren Pascal Courel
Fam. Schooth
Hugues Rolin

Cathy & Luc Michel-van den Dooren

HR. Komponist / Family Nils Lassen
Pariciana Sa de Cv Fam. Guillebert de Fauconval
Suzanne de Halleux
Alexis & Bernadette de Laet
Bernard Lozevis
Brigitte de Meulemeester
Georges Monjoie Marie-Dominique bruyere ------

January 2005 – Update actions taken and results:

30.12.04 opening of special emergency bank account for relief tsunami victims

at the private initiative of the family de Fauconval in Thailand

31.12.04 first mails for donations request

01.01.05 till 13.01.05 follow-up donations, bank reports of transfers, collecting informations about needy persons, needs, affected areas etc..., visits of affected areas (Kamala, Bang Tao, Surin...), 2 meetings with Provincial Head of Schools in Phuket

14.01.05 first attribution of donation, by Mr. Boris and Mrs Marie-Pia de Fauconval, on behalf of all our generous benefactors, to 23 young tsunami-victims of 3 Phuket area's schools (victims of Phuket and Phi Phi area) :

Satree school - 7 children / Witayalai school - 7 children / Darasamuth school - 9 children

All those children lost one parent or both of them and some of their families have lost most of their belongings.

Each child has been donated a sum of 10,000 bahts (2,000 bahts x 5 months help) via their school principal, who will be managing the special account opened in each child's name.

Thanks to all our generous donators !!!

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List of children affected by the tsunami, who received aid

1. Darasamut school, Phuket
2. Witthayalai school, Phuket
3. Satree school , Phuket
Arunee Im-ra
Sukontip Petnoi
Chutikarn Luengsuntimit
Tammarat Im-ra
Aungkrawut Sainkeaw
Ratchapon Chanachit
Patcharat Boonjan
Kittisak Mormas
Angkhan Buranavanichwong
Se-ra Roatjanapittayakul
Bunyrit Pluspaanantakul
Benjamat Khuntup
Warittha Hamman
Thirawat Konkaew
Kanlawee Karnjanachai
Buntharika Pluksapaarnantakul
Tamarat Saeton
Piyanate Aronpree
Chanathip Kachinrat
Pheeraphat Sawasdiwech
Katthaliya Lamai
Dino Oswald
Aunchisa Jeanpairotch

February 2005 – Update actions taken and results:

15.01.05 – 31.01.05: follow-up donations, bank reports of transfers, more collecting of informations about needy persons, their needs, affected areas etc…

Meetings with French and Belgian Embassies, French Ministry of Tourism

Concerting with private help associations and NGO's


Withdrawal for attribution donation: purchase of boat-engines, mattresses, sleeping mats, mosquito-nets, carpentry tools, toys, baby-bottles, powder-milk, canned and fresh food, kitchenware, etc…


renting of a pick-up car and joining a convoy of friends ( private help ) having several pick-ups, a truck and cars loaded with all the abovementioned supplies.

Departure in direction of Kuraburi and Khao Lak areas ( severely hit ).

Meeting with Mr Christian Patouraux, half Belgian and half French, who is our contact person on the spot.

The whole convoy goes with him to several refugee camps (survivors from Koh Pratong, villages of Koh Rah, Tapek Yoi and Tong Dab) dispatched in different locations in the Kuraburi area and to a refugee camp in Khukhak (sea gypsies Mokken survivors from Khao Lak area).

To all those families, we distribute our supplies (see our pictures).

We would like to thank our kind and helpful friends in that convoy :

Henry Her, Christian Patouraux, Thierry Buffin de Chosal, Nicolas Stoffel, Daniele Billaud, Pascal and Catherine, and our son Boris.

All our private expenses are supported by ourselves, as we pledged to do.

Our helping pictures in the 3 villages near Khao Lak


March 2005 – Update actions taken and results:

Here below is the list of 36 children who lost one or both parents by the tsunami.  They all come from Phi Phi Islands.

On March 8, 2005, Boris de Fauconval went to Krabi, where those children are now temporarily sheltered and, in the name of our generous donors, he distributed 2,500 bahts to each of them, for one month assistance.

Those children are now also taken in charge by a local association (

Piyawat S. (M)

Piyawat S. (M)

Natchariya H. (F)

Nathiya N. (F)

Natawut Ch. (M)

Metinee N. (F)

Thawatchai Ch. (M)

Rungtip Ch. (F)

Kasem A. (M)

Tchesada K. (M)

Ponwut N. (M)

Tirasak C. (M)

Siriam Th. (F)

Piyawut S. (M)

Tirayut C. (M)

Prasert N. (M)

Sharin M. (M)

Wanchaream C. (M)

Alisa M. (F)

Pawina Ch. (F)

Saytep S. (M)

Tchutinan H.(F)

Suwanah Ch. (F)

Parinya K. (M)

Rewadee Ch. (F)

Siriporn M. (F)

Karayanee R. (F)

Toha Kh. (M)

Miricha P. (F)

Teerawut K. (M)

Chompoo Ch. (F)

Miramon P. (F)

Monrudee S. (F)

Makomiran Mi. (M)

Chonrapin T. (F)

Kanyarat C. (F)

Update actions and results – May and June 2005 

Closer to us, we recently helped two families of our resort's employees : they lost a couple of longtail boats, some snorkeling equipments and washing machines, and thus part of their monthly income (taxi service, tour service, snorkeling rental, laundry service).

Also due to the destruction of Phi Phi's primary school, the child of one of our staff members had to be transferred to another province in Northern Thailand, in order to stay with his grandparents and be able to continue to go to school, which is bringing additional costs to be supported by that family.

The amounts of respectively 100,000 bahts and 20,000 bahts have been given to them. 

On 31.05.05 an amount of 50,000 bahts has already been attributed (through the Hi Phi Phi Foundation) to a local family of Koh Phi Phi (the Arida family, about 30 members), in order to help them with the electrical wiring of their still standing house (connection to the generator) and to rebuild some temporary houses, so that they can re-occupy their family estate in Tonsai Bay (Koh Phi Phi) and restart their small businesses. An additional amount of 100,000 bahts has also been handed to them on June 24, 2005.

On 17.6.05 we handed, on behalf of our benefactors, to the Club Franco Siam (Mr. Richard Berthe) an amount of 100,000 bahts : 79,000 bahts are donated to a primary school of Phuket-Kathu district and 21,000 bahts have been handed to Mrs. Pen, who lost all her belongings and transportation means in the tsunami, in order to help her rebuy a small motorbike. 

Another 200,000 bahts will be allocated soon to another needy family in Koh Phi Phi, in order to help its members to come back on their land and rebuild their house as soon as possible : 30,000 bahts have already been given and the rest will be spread over several months.

Update actions and results – July-October 2005

- Late August, an additional amount of 60,000 bahts has been allocated for a secondhand longtail-boat.

- Beginning of October, another amount of 50,000 bahts has been given to some Thai families in compensation for the loss of activity and income.

- Among our friends from Koh Phi Phi, a Thai-Australian couple, Toy and Carolyn, lost their small daughter and Carolyn's sister in the tsunami, as well as their business. Together with the help of some volunteers, they took up with a great deal of courage the conception and organization of a 'memorial garden', located at the Loh Dalum Bay in Koh Phi Phi (a 800 m2 plot of land reaffected to that purpose by the owners of a small resort that has been washed away by the wave). An amount of 5,000 bahts has already been allocated as contribution in the plants, trees and ponds' setting.

Because we cannot and will not forget the tragic losses of lifes, the sorrow of the families, the tribute to our lost friends, the chain of generosity and solidarity of our relatives, pals, acquaintances worldwide, the courage of many and the hopes of all of us for a brighter and better future.  

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