Phi Phi hotels, Maprao resort, bungalow in Phi Phi Ilsand

Phi Phi hotels, Maprao resort, bungalow in Phi Phi Ilsand


The most authentic resort on Koh Phi Phi

Pictures of Maprao devastated

On behalf of Maprao Resort, we send our warm thanks to the following persons who have expressed their wish to help us directly in the rebuilding of the resort, which has been badly damaged by the disastrous Tsunami of December 26, 2004.

After several months of cleaning up and rebuilding, we are now very pleased to announce the re-opening of our resort as from July 10, 2005.

Donors' List reconstruction Maprao Resort

Thousand thanks to :

Prosper & Jeanine Rey
Jacques Clerbaux
Olivier & Corinne Rey
Michele Lebrun
Yvette Bonino
Jean-Pierre Delwart
Jean-Claude & Malou Brochenin
Philippe & Pascale van der Essen
Josiane Piris
Didier d'Ursel
Janie Bergier
Denise Keller
Marie-Christine Soriano
Theo & Barbara van Vooren
Nelly Leberre
Daniel Hechtermans
Patrick Bardin
Chantal & Michel Wetzel
Michel Indesteege
Antoine de Fauconval
Dominique Gillard
Arne Bruinse
Family / famille Waterkeyn Dubois
Bertrand Vanheule
Muriel Rocheau & Suzanne Desfray
Family / famille Huber
Jean-Pierre, Quentin & Alexis Gaillard
Philippe Aellen & Watkin Chantavakachorn
Andreas Rath & friends
Jorg Huber & Nina Suter
Fabienne Normand
Viviane Juguet
Pascale Hardy
Stephanie Perrigault
Natacha Houllier
Nicolas Grandlin
Christophe Deudon
Frederic Nado
Eric Primois
Ludivine Marion
Mickael Le Verche
Francoise Debet
Berengere & Anthony Jugant
Ludovic Le Treize
Patrick Coude
Emmanuelle Biannic
Christian Rivoalan
Patrick Moalic
Brigitte Le Men
Erwan Refloch
Catherine Donou
Christian-Charles & Bernadette de Ghellinck d'Elseghem
Jo Holvoet
Vanessa Shultz & Henri Diederich
Family / famille Casays
AFBT ( Solidarite Franco-Thai)
Fabienne Diebold

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